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Smart Planter

Difficulty: Intermediate
November 20, 2019

Let's Make a Smart Planter!


I for one welcome our new robotic, plant-hybrid overlords. That being said, here is a list of all the parts you will need to bring your IoT Smart Planter to life!

View part and serial numbers here.


Do not fear, the code is here! I understand just how daunting code can be. So, I simplified the entire process into three easy steps! Let's get started!

1. Download the files
2. Install the prerequisites
3. Launch the application

View the IoT Smart Planter wiring diagram here.


Overall, the project went rather smoothly! However, if I were to start over there are a few improvements I would make.

"given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow"

First, I would upgrade the 2-Channel Relay Module to a 3-Channel Relay Module. The first channel would be used to control the submersible water pump while the remaining two channels would be used to control the grow lights. This change would allow me to control both grow lights individually.

Then, I would move the DC-DC Adjustable Step-Up Boost Converter Module so that its output voltage is powering the 3-Channel Relay Module. Increasing the power supplied to the water pump would provide greater lift and further reduce watering times.

View the most up-to-date schematic.

See you in the future ...